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Application and Demo


Car Parking, Corridor, Staircase, Warehouse, Office and etc.


Grouping Demo <Short version>
Model: JH-R10

Grouping Demo <Full version>
Model: JH-D10

Installation and Remote Control the Sensor

1-10V Dimming Sensor
Model: JH-D30

Energy saving with sensor

With the sensor, no doubt that you can maximize the energy saving place where 24-hour luminaire uses.
But you will feel uncomfortable if luminaire turn on one by one until you get close to it.

Grouping function

Make people feel comfortable by turning the lighting all together.
No additional equipment or work but simple connection the sensor to the lighting and enjoy the functions.

Effective energy uses

Only the same number of group turn on together. Group number can be #1 ~ #6. You can divide the area using different group for effective energy uses.

Daylight harvesting

Let people enjoy the nature lighting. Sensor will automatically adjust the brightness of the lighting when there is enough sun light.
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